11-28-06 - Entry #0001
I'm lagging on Michael's blog due to computer issues at the hospital, but I will reconstruct as soon as possible.


12-04-06 - Entry #0002
Michael is doing well. He is sleeping more in his bassinet by our bed instead of just on Sandra's chest or my arms. The adults are a bit sleepy. Megan had a little virus when we brought Michael home, but that seems to be gone (at least the fever). She has a little cough now. Lucky for me, she is currently taking a nap allowing me to write this entry. She seems to be fascinated by the "baby" and lets use know verbally that he is "cry"ing and signs that he wants milk.


12-17-06 - Entry #0003
Nearly two weeks since I actually wrote anything or updated the website. Now I know what they mean by "2nd children get the short end of the stick." It seems we expend so much energy on keeping up the house, caring for Megan, caring for Michael, and daily tasks, that we find a lot less time for taking photos and updating websites. A momentous occasion in Michael's life occured on Saturday December 16th, 2006. His mother and father left him for 2 hours in the care of his grandparents and an Aunt and Uncle while they stopped by a Christmas party. It was good for us to get out (especially Sandra), and we enjoyed chatting with friends at the party. We left for the party right after Sandra nursed Michael, and we headed home at 10pm for the next round of feeding. At Michael's two-week visit to the pediatrician, he weighed in at 8 lb 13 oz (that's good). The jaundice is all but gone (we had a rough first three days home from the hospital). All in all, the family is thriving! We greatly appreciate the visits from family and friends as well as the gifts of food and items for the children so many have given us. We are truly blessed. We have been getting down to the basement the past coupld of days to wrap gifts ourselves. Sandra walks down the driveway instead of taking the stairs which she is proscribed for some time yet as is driving. We had a major accomplishment of sending Christmas cards out with birth announcements earlier this week. Michael has been a great sleeper compared to his sister. She would nurse herself to sleep, but cry terribly when set down. He sleeps several hours at a time both day and night. A little congestion on his part has cut into Sandra's sleep a bit this weekend, but we hope that will be gone soon. We look forward this coming week to a visit from my brother and his family for the Christmas holiday. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!